Equal travel services
in Lohja region, Finland

What and who is EK Event ?

Behind the EK Event is Elina Kaukojärvi, who is born and raised in the city of Lohja. Still, almost every day, I learn and find something new in and from my hometown or the nearby area and I really think that everyone should also experience and see these great sights that we have here! Travel and culture (can these be separated?!) is the right to everyone, also to people with some kind of a disability.

EK Event´s mission is to make one attraction at a time for everyone to explore. The mission is hard and slow, but I’m gonna make it!

Explore the photos at my site and tell me what you wanna see and explore! I´m more than happy to tell you more about our lovely town and area! My company provides travel services through the South Coast Finland region either with pre-scheduled, themed travel packages or as a package tailored to your group. Together we will explore sights such as the Tytyri Mine Experience, St. Lawrence Church in Lohja, Ojamo or Vohloinen Manor. Or go on a sightseeing tour of Lohja. How about a trip into the South Coast Finland and see the great ironworks? Mustio, Antskog, Billnäs, Fiskars, Fagervig; each one with its own story to tell.  Or, shall we go together for a Museum Tour of high-quality and detailed exhibitions of museums? 

Take a look at the offers in the site and pack your own excursion. I can also make trips for accessible tourists! Ask more!

And where are we? All of these just one hour from Helsinki region, In Lohja! It is situated in South Finland 60 km from Helsinki and 120km from Turku. We are just in the right spot!

Please feel free to contact me, I’m here just for You!
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-Elina / EK Event

Wonderful tourist experiences - also for accessible tourism

27% of the European population is in the area of ​​accessible tourism (UNWTO publication “Tourism for all” 2016). In addition to people with reduced mobility and sensory disabilities, a growing number of senior travelers as well as families on holiday with young children, all of whom use accessible travel services, are considered to be accessible. Developing equal tourism is indeed the mission of the EK Event. All-ready I can organize most of my day trip packages also for accessible tourist.

My goal is to allow as many nature and cultural attractions as possible to be accessible to an unobstructed traveler at a time, either through the traveler herself, or using current technology to reach the destination interactively. If you are into accessible tourism and you know the destination you want to reach, let’s see how we make it possible!

Please feel free to contact me, I’m here just for You!
You’ll find the Contact form at the bottom of this page.


Are you responsible for meeting and event planning alongside all other work? Whether it’s a staff or a well-being meeting, a small or a big customer event, leave those practical matters to the EK Event and focus more on making your duo’s place profitable, or enjoying the event.

Give me an idea and I will finish the planning for you! You’ll find the Contact form at the bottom of this page.